Coating Machine

In Line Wire Coating Machine 


Dimensions:  Maximum Speed - 535 F.P.M. 

Inlet Size:  .375 TO .218 

Post Rod Drying:  (2) 8KW "Convectronics Aire Heats" With Temp Control. 

Pre-coating pump:  ΒΌ HP Motor @10 GPM With all stainless steel components that come in contact with the coating solution. 

Coating bath stirrer:  1 HP Motor 

Coating bath immersion heaters:  2(TWO) 9.6 KW Watlow Immersion Heaters 

Total Capacity of coating solution:  150 Gallons 

Air blower for drying:  1 HP Motor, Rotron blower8 

Compressed Air Requirement:  20 CFM @ 80 PSI


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 Coating Machine

Made in the USA

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