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ButtWelders  USA. Inc.

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ButtWelders USA, Inc. has purchased: 


Bonko, Inc’s and Machine Technology & Controls, Inc’s “Good Will” TO SERVE THE WIRE INDUSTRY with the combined trade knowledge and years experience of seasoned employees of the well renowned Bonko, Inc. and Machine Technology & Controls, Inc. 


Focusing on Butt Welding machines and parts plus service and reconditioning. 


With Secondary focus of supplying the wire industry with the related equipment such as: 

·         Wire Drawers, Multi-hole and Single Block 

·         Coiling machines Live and Dead Block 

·         Recondition of roll pointers 

·         Straighten and Cut Machines 

·         Spoolers / Take ups and payoffs 

·         And Much Much More 






paul@buttweldersusa.com  or 



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B1 Butt Welder


E1S Butt Welder

E1S Butt Welder

Chloe DSCN0974 

Bonko has retired and passed the rains down to Chloe